AYASCHOOL: NEW YEAR JUNGLE JAM (WLJ Participatory Series #4)


WLJ SG PRESENTS [ WLJ SGParticipatory Series #4 ]


We are excited to announce our first event of the 2019, AYASCHOOL: NEW YEAR JUNGLE JAM under We Love Jazz Participatory Series (WLJPS), where you are welcome to take part, such as jam session and improvisational workshops. In this series, we program different themes and concepts as we heighten your experience with jazz and improvised art form at a whole new level!

Join our director Aya Sekine who is known as one of the most versatille improviser of the region, with her own brand of music making based on improvisations which she calls 'Ayaschool'!

Date : 15 Jan 2019 (Tue)
Time : 7pm -10pm
Venue : Blu Jaz Cafe (3rd Floor)
Charges : Pay as you wish
(with suggested $10 donation for participants / $15 for audience)

★Whatever you give us will help us pay the expenses involved and to continue to organise these events.
We thank you for your kind contributions!

★ Bring cash for merch shopping!
We will be selling our signature merchandises, and we have some new colours!


6:15-6:45pm: Set up & Soundcheck group #1
6:45pm: Doors open

7:00-7:15pm: Introduction & Briefing for new comers for Group #1

7:15-8:30pm: Set #1(2 segments, 75min)

8:00-8:20pm: Break & set up for 2nd set

8:20-8:35pm: Introduction & Briefing for new comers for Group #2

8:35-9:45pm: Set #2 (2 segments, 75min)

9:45-10:15pm : Possibly Enter the real Jungle depending on who is left alive!

Reserve your slots for either Set #1, Set #2 or let us know if you'd like to take part in both sessions!

What is Ayaschool?

Ayaschool is a pianist/improvisor Aya Sekine's signature collective improvisations series which has started way back in 1997 as an initiative to experiment in music. The content evolved over the years but as each program pushed the edge, it has always stirred up the music community wherever, whenever Ayaschool happened. In 2006 it became an official weekly series at Blu Jaz Cafe, where she handpicked musicians adventurously to match-make, encompassing the genre, experiences of each individual, the hysterical outcome of these collaborations has led Ayaschool to be ranked as one of the ‘Top Ten Acts’ on The Straits Times in 2010.
It is an extremely exciting yet inclusive - adheres strictly to 2 core principles; listening & making music on the spot.

and what is Jungle Jam?

Ayaschool has had many different themes and focuses but 'Jungle Jam', was created to involve larger group for collective improvisations. In this series rather than handpicking Aya makes an open-call and welcomes anyone who is willing to take part. It focuses on how large groups of enthusiasts from diverse background can function to create/present music on the spot 'together'

How will it be organised?

For this special new yearinstalment, we invite 20 enthusiasts per set to gather to improvise, and make music together - fret not, it will be workshopped in the first 30min, the rest of 2 hours will be making music and it will be all documented.

'I don't have any experience in this...'

You don’t need to be a Jazz musician. You don’t need to be an experienced improviser, you don’t have to know any songs! All you need to do is willing to listen, and be ready to let the music to come alive and grow - it's about the process. Let’s see what music will be like in the end!



  1. Please come 30 minutes before the start of your session to set up / soundcheck.
  2. Bring your own instruments & microphones (we will prepare PA & amps).
  3. We have basic instruments : drum set, piano, keyboards, PA system, but no cables will be provided
  4. For participants : please be prepared to make new music, not songs you know and normally play - this is not a regular Jazz jam session / open mic.
  5. For audience : please be ready to hear the process of how people improvise, not necessarily a specific song or familiar melodies/progressions.
  6. Be open to playing with musicians of all ages, genres, levels and experiences.


We are looking for volunteers to help us with documentation (video / photo / recording) of this event.
Interested parties, please sign up here and we will get in touch with you very soon!



Pianist / Improvisor / Composer / Educator

Aya Sekine is a Japanese Jazz pianist based in Singapore who has been actively performing worldwide over the past 2 decades. She is best known for her soulful and dynamic style of swinging Jazz that is heavily influenced by the Bebop and straight-ahead era, but also for her daring improvisations collaborations.

Her notable recent performance includes CHOPPA Experimental Music Festival (2017), Guild In Concert at National Museum of Singapore (2017) and The Esplanade’s Jazz In July (2016). She is a member of Soul/Jazz group L.A.B (Listen And Believe), and a Soundpainting collective Erik Satay & The Kampong Arkestra led by Tim O’Dwyer. She also expands her collaborations to her homeland Japan, where she tours twice a year to collaborate with endless amount of people, to hone and challenge her artistic capacity.

Known for her forward thinking, she has programmed live music for Blu Jaz Cafe (2006-2016), which raised the bar for quality non-mainstream live music scene, Club L’Opera (2016), We Love Jazz Party Vol.3 [SJ50 Edition] (2016) and countless small concerts, which continually impact and inspire the community. She directs multi-faceted programming company Bon Goût Music and recently founded a non-profitable We Love Jazz (Singapore) Ltd., which envisions strengthening the community of jazz and improvised music in Singapore.


'WLJ Participatory Series' is under our Core Outreach Series(COS),
which is a series of small-scale events to reach out and enhance different aspects
of the jazz & improvised music community up close.
It is consisted of 3 signature programs :

1) SPEAKLOW! Speakeasy Music Sessions
2) SPEAKUP! Speaklouder Talking Jam
3) WLJ Participatory Series

Read more about our program:

WLJ SG Social :

Contact us :


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Tue Jan 15, 2019
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Participant sign-up : Set #1 (7-815pm) *20 LIMITED SLOTS* FULL
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11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam Singapore

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